Birmingham Red Heart

About us

We moved to Birmingham in 2003, and fell in love with its mix of people from all over the world who peacefully inhabited its network of villages including Moseley where we settled down. 

The food, festivals and music offered by its bistros, parks and concert halls drew us further in.  Its desire to reinvent itself, not stand still, always wanting to move forward and contibute its creative energy to a dynamic world was one that resonated with our immigrant souls.

As we travelled we met people who had never set foot in Birmingham and held strong views about it, sometimes misinformed.  We invited them to visit, to see for themselves its vibrant culture, inviting architecture and growing green spaces. 

We felt there should be an easier way for them to find out more about the different vistas and festivities of this great city.

Our mission is to build a better image for Birmingham that the whole region and its diverse citizens, communities and companies can benefit from.

Greater Birmingham spans the Black Country, Coventry, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Cannock Chase, Dudley, Lichfield, Redditch, Solihull, Stratford-on-Avon, Staffordshire, Sutton Coldfield,Tamworth, Walsall, Warwick, Wolverhampton and Wyre Forest.

Clearly it is impossible to capture the amazing diversity present in this region. Its people, places and products form the facets of a complex identity.

Despite the challenge, our team felt that a re-imagining our great city was worthwhile.

We've come up with a set of visual images and products to share, do communicate your thoughts on this experiment.


Purchase an item and 100% of the proceeds will support Cure Cancer.